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Kingdom Come Now

by Hans Olaf Sageng
© Along The Way, MN, US, Feb. 2008

LCCN 2007906073 . . . . . . . first edition
ISBN 978-0-9797710-3-3 . ( softcover ) . Price $14.95
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A wakeup call for all warriors of conscience, to welcome the return of the king, the messiah, the true self and common identity of all sovereign life. This long foretold event and other mystery of life and religion is expressed in simple tangible terms that even an atheist can appreciate, though the author does not believe in atheists.

Now is the time, examine your perception of self and reality. A fresh view of all history and of the flowering of human consciousness and civilization is presented with rare clarity, humor, and realistic hope. Illusions of identity and of basic reality that are accepted as facts of life are simply swept away as truth which has remained hidden in plain view is recognized. All people are called to attention because this is our awakening ... or not.

The cover picture is an icon of universal religion. At the center of the figure is the Kaaba, or house of worship, a large granite cube built by Abraham, restored by Muhammad, located in Mecca, and faced five times daily in prayer by millions of Muslims worldwide. The Jewish Star of David, and the Christian Cross share the same geometry. The sacred circle represents all religion and all being in which we find the essence, truth, and blessing of our struggle, submission, and life.

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