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Where Your Heart Is

"Store up your treasure in heaven.
For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."

Heaven cannot be purchased;
nor can it be barred from those to whom it is given.

May we be those to whom it is given,
and live with the attitude of an artist.
Inspired with a motive to create and to share.

Through that sharing, heARTists improve the quality of all life.
Celebrating creation, with their work and choices.
Helping all to apreciate and treasure the things of heaven.
Not merely producing images to be treasured,
but imitating and incorporating the work of the creator.
It is this way that we are born to God's image.

No, money can't buy love. But it does represent our work, and our choices, and our love.
A portion of all proceeds from this business go to charities, and the rest goes to artists, and to further grow this program and mission. It is my hope that you will continue to own and apreciate the work that your money represents, and that you will participate, not only buying and selling or donating through this site and it's sponsors, but also exploring the community, and as a registered member, deciding what it does.

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