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One Nation

by Hans Sageng
dedicated to: my king, kingdom, and global humanity

One Nation of Human Soul, holds the key to let us go,
knows the way to lead us home, serves the food to make us whole.

Held in every mother's arms, a child of God and king of ours,
awakening with the king's return, to what we know and what we learn.

Within every beating heart, is love for the healing art,
a will to choose, a life to lose, a reason to care, a world to share.

Both chains and keys are there for everyone along our way,
receives all the respect we pay, and holds their own truth to say.

It's every individual's right, to belong, and to fight,
even when they are wrong, to bring that truth to light.

One nation of human soul, for defending every other,
is home that all may know, yet each must come alone.
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