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The Milky Way

We live as if at the dawn of time.
It was only about 0.2 billion years ago,
or one full turn of the Milky Way Galaxy
that Dinosaurs began their day,
one galactic day ago, or just yesterday.

They lasted 3/4 of that day before they met challenges they could not overcome.

But here we are a 1/4 day later. It's our turn. It's our day.
We have been hominid for maybe 1/100th of a galactic day,
and awakening with "The Word" for about 1/30,000th of a day.

If the alarm clock were waking us up we would not yet have had time to hear it.
We would still be preoccupied with whatever we were just dreaming.
But we really are here, it really is like a morning, our beginning.

If we make it through a whole day we might stay for galactic years,
whatever that would be.

It will be a challenge to survive the alarm clock and make it to breakfast.

Let's wake up, get it together, and have a good day.
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