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About me

I am just a working class citizen with a plan
to transition from my factory job to a retirement phase
using this website as part of my independent business.
How soon I do that is already a few years
behind plan, and hard to tell.
Along The Way will be for publishing my own and other artists works,
and will be dedicated to our common quest
for positive, conscious, evolution.

Emarketing, advertisment, and donations will support it
along with other general services
that I may trade as an artist, a programer, IT professional,
scientist, technician, mechanic, carpenter, or whatever.

I have plans for a companion Non-Profit business and website
Where Your Heart Is dedicated to promoting selected charities,
and charitable art and giving in general.
Hopefully both instruments will become a community project though they are still just sole proprietorship.
Contact me as < WayTreader@AlongTheWay.US> to offer
constuctive criticism, encouragement, or participation.

Use < NeverMind@AlongTheWay.US> for anything else.
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