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Introduction to Site Navigation

Navigation through Along_The_Way and Where_Your_Heart_Is uses a few unique conventions that warrant some introductory comments. Most pages include the image of a small bookshelf which has seperate links for each book. Most pages also include the image of a medicine wheel as in the upper left of this page. If you point at each book with the mouse, or each section of the medicine wheel, information should display indicating the nature of the link. They will not always be the same links, depending on the source page and user history. Some of the books are general information pages like this one, and some are menues or collections of other books and articals, or portals to various activities.

Most content on book pages such as this will be on the left hand page. The right hand page may contain suplimentary illustrations, links, references, or other content that you will probably need to use the bottom scrollbar of your browser to view. In that case, there should be a >> scroll indicator on the left page.

Articals spanning several pages will have page links or next/previous links at the top and bottom of the page along with other sitewide or webwide links.

Small graphics on any page are usually mapped with one or more links that may also take you to different content depending on the source page and user history. Several related sites share the same icons, conventions, membership, and material. The right page of this screen displays some of the icons used throughout these pages, and gives some general information about each.

Advertising links may take you to sponsor sites or to organizations deemed worthy of promotion. Please, follow those links frequently. Purchases then made on sponsor sites will help to support this project. Qualified member purchases made directly from Along The Way will be discounted or support your preferred charities.